Future Funding Plan

Parents, business, and community leaders agree: investing in local programs and children is key to their future and our overall economic vitality!

Economic research shows that early investment in children can produce lifelong dividends to those children and to the taxpayers supporting those investments. That is why the First 5 Ventura County Commission has developed a new Long-Term Financial Plan that will continue to provide thoughtful programs, resources and community partnerships to support early childhood development.

Voters made kids a priority in 1998 by passing Proposition 10, and since then First 5 Ventura County (F5VC) has invested more than $195 million in our communities to ensure our county’s youngest children and families have the best start in life possible. We have piloted new programs and built comprehensive systems of care for children ages prenatal-5 throughout our county. We will continue to provide valuable programs, resources and community partnerships to support early childhood development in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Statewide First 5 funding is declining due to lower tobacco sales. By 2020, First 5 funding is expected to decrease by 48% from its peak.  Despite declining revenue, First 5s are more critical than ever, linking programs across health, learning, and family support to build comprehensive systems of care. Even with upcoming planned fund reductions, we will continue to impact forever the lives of VC children and our local economy in the most positive way – our youth’s future.

After an in-depth review of current investments, services, innovative outcomes, and stakeholder survey responses, the F5VC Commission voted on April 26, 2018 to adopt a long-term financial plan that will continue a substantial investment in early childhood education: $6.5 million in Fiscal Years 2019-21, $5.3 million in Fiscal Years 2021-26.

The new Long-Term Financial Plan allocates $2.9 million annually for Parent and Child Together (PACT) and Family Support Services for FY 2019-26, and will maintain an annual investment of approximately $1 million in preschool in FY 2019-21.

In June of 2018, the F5VC Commission adopted an implementation model for future programming. First 5 Ventura is working diligently with community partners to implement this model beginning on July 1, 2019. No changes will be made to First 5 programs until July 1, 2019. By working together we can stretch each dollar a little further and build creative solutions to ensure strong futures for Ventura County children, families and communities. For more information on the implementation model as well as future funding please see the FAQs below.

We are committed to being inclusive and transparent throughout this process by providing tools and resources including:

  • A dedicated webpage: To keep our partners, staff, and families updated with the latest and most relevant information, and resources.
  • Email updates: Please send your preferred email address that is accessible over the summer months to assistant@first5ventura.org.
  • Coffee and Conversations: Please join us on a Friday from 9 – 10:30 a.m. to share suggestions with and ask questions of Executive Director Petra Puls email assistant@first5ventura.org for details.
  • All-staff meeting/community forum: In the Fall, we will hold an open meeting to answer all questions, and provide information and resources for partners and parents.

We are continually grateful for all of our partners, staff, and parents. Thank you for your continued input and collaboration to ensure F5VC continues our mission to promote school readiness through investments in health, early learning and family strengthening.

Feedback from All-Staff Meeting

Future Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Implementation Model Frequently Asked Questions

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