Strategic Planning

Commission Approves New Strategic Plan

child_sky_webOn June 18, 2015, the First 5 Commission approved its five-year strategic plan which will guide our work from 2016-2020. The plan addresses significant changes in funding that occur in years four and five. It also expands our role in helping to build and support communities that prioritize the wellbeing of young children and families.

Download the new Strategic Plan

Download the Strategic Plan Summary

Building the Plan: Community Input
At First 5, the needs of the community anchored our strategic planning process. To understand how children and families can thrive in today’s economic and social environment we conducted research and data collection, literature reviews, community and parent surveys. You can view the data on this page.

A Soft Transition: FY 2015-2016
This year is a transition period to help ensure a smooth shift to the new strategic plan, which will launch on July 1, 2016. During this time we will be hosting public input forums to help us design specific implementation strategies for the plan’s first three years. While funding remains relatively level during this period, we will approach implementation with an eye for our new goals and a broadened community lens.  Watch our web and social media sites for more information on upcoming input opportunities.