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Implementing Our Strategic Plan


Our current strategic plan is guiding the focus of our work from 2016-2021. We are hard at work addressing the significant decrease in resources beginning in July 2019. We are reimagining our current investments and service models to best achieve our mission of promoting school readiness on a more limited budget.

If we continue to conduct “business as usual” and focus the majority of our spending on individual direct services, we would only be able to help a relatively small number of families and children for a limited time. Working this way is like addressing the problem leaf by leaf instead of curing it at the root. We need a new approach, a new way to focus our work in order to make the greatest impact on the children of Ventura County and their families. Our current strategic plan expands our role as advocates to build and support communities that prioritize the wellbeing of young children and families.

We are committed to being inclusive and transparent throughout this process. Please check back often, as we will keep this web page updated with current and relevant information as we work directly with our funded partners to develop a new model that increases our emphasis on systems change through collaboration and public policy (advocacy) to maximize positive outcomes for children prenatal to age 5.

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Building the Plan: Community Input
At First 5, the needs of the community anchored our strategic planning process. To understand how children and families can thrive in today’s economic and social environment we conducted research and data collection, literature reviews, community and parent surveys. You can view the data on this page.

FY 2016/17-2018/19
F5VC implemented three-year contracts to streamline the funding process and ensure continuity of funding for current initiatives. Our current initiatives, including Neighborhoods for Learning, Triple P, and Oral Health, will remain consistent until June of 2019.

FY 2019/20 and Beyond
The Commission will initiate a shift in strategic investments towards capacity building efforts to support and strengthen the overall early childhood system of services. Staff is working diligently to develop a detailed analysis of potential funding scenarios, including impacts on direct services. The Commission will carefully consider various scenarios and recommendations, and staff will share the information broadly and transparently with funded partners and the community at large.

Addressing the challenges faced by today’s families is a big task; we can’t, and shouldn’t, do it alone. We are just one of many organizations in our county that is working to improve the lives of children and families. Only by working together with parents, communities, and other organizations to change policies and improve service delivery systems can we address the core issues that are preventing so many children and their families from getting the supports they need. If we work together to improve the effectiveness, coordination, and quality of the services and supports families need to help their children succeed, we will help many more children and families – now and for generations to come.

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