Neighborhoods for Learning

We’re in your neighborhood. From Oak Park to Oxnard to Ojai, the 11 First 5 Neighborhoods for Learning (NfLs) are helping families raise children who are healthy, nurtured, and prepared for kindergarten.

Designed by and for each community, and recognized nationally for excellence, NfLs are resource hubs supporting children prenatal through age five and their families. Programs are designed by each community and may include high-quality preschool, parent/child classes, parent education as well as access to health and dental services. NfLs provide a knowledgeable and caring community of support for families.

Looking for classes or programs for your child?
NfLs serve your community. Please contact your local NfL for information about programming.

Conejo Valley NfL
(805) 494-8100

Moorpark/Simi Valley NfL
(805) 552-1944

Oak Park NfL
(818) 707-7742

Ocean View NfL
(805) 488-5277

Ojai Valley NfL
(805) 640-4300 x1062

Oxnard NfL
(805) 385-1501 x2321

Pleasant Valley NfL
(805) 388-0369

Port Hueneme/So. Oxnard NfL
(805) 271-4688

Rio NfL
(805) 981-2892

Santa Clara Valley NfL
(805) 933-9800

Ventura NfL
(805) 641-5000 x1032

Check out our interactive map and discover all your local Neighborhood for Learning has to offer.