Breastfeeding benefits children, families and communities.

It’s natural, healthful and free. Breastfeeding protects young children from illness, lowers risk of obesity, helps with brain development, mother and child bonding, and has economic benefits for families and communities. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends breastfeeding for at least 12 months, exclusively for the first six months. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that breastfeeding, with the introduction of appropriate solid foods, continue from six months to toddlerhood, or a long as desired by both mother and baby. Yet we see a dramatic drop in breastfeeding rates after a baby comes home from the hospital.

First 5 Ventura County (F5VC) partners with clinics, hospitals, employers, and local organizations to support breastfeeding so that every mom that’s able has the opportunity to choose a successful breastfeeding experience and more babies experience the foundational benefits of nursing. Current projects include:

    • Hospital Consortium to Support Breastfeeding
    • Workplace Recognition and Support
    • Breastfeeding Education and Resources
    • Breastfeeding Coalition Partnership

By knowing what to expect and where to get support; with education that begins during pregnancy and support that continues through infancy, more moms will breastfeed for longer and more babies with benefit.  The Breastfeeding Coalition of Ventura County website is packed with information and resources for breastfeeding moms, healthcare providers and family members.

Breastfeeding Trees from Breastfeed LA on Vimeo.