Places & Programs

Places and Programs that Work Together
In partnership with the 11 First 5 Neighborhoods for Learning (NfLs), we fund a wide range of programs and services that prepare children for kindergarten—and so much more.

More than ABC’s
Engaged, supported families, healthy children enjoying high-quality, age-appropriate learning opportunities: That’s a recipe for success. It’s a strong foundation that’s reflected in school, college, work and life.

Seamless Connections
Families seamlessly access classes, programs and services through their local NfL. Doctors, nurses and dentists, Public Health educators and other partners may also provide some F5VC services directly.

Communities that Care
F5VC also operates behind the scenes. We work with teachers, colleges and preschools, restaurants and parks, helping to make our community the best it can be for young children and families—now and into the future.


Our Places

• 11 Neighborhoods for Learning
• 25 Family Resource Centers

Our Programs

• Preschool
• Early Learning Classes
• Parent Education/Triple P
• Parent Support Services
• Developmental Screening
• Nutrition Education
• Triple P Intensive Services
• Fluoride Varnish Application
• Mobile Dental Clinic
• Mixtec Promotoras
• 2-1-1 Resource & Referral

Education & Outreach

• Good for Kids
• Early Literacy
• Text4Baby
• Born Learning
• Parent Leadership
• Kit for New Parents

Capacity & Quality

• 5 Protective Factors
• Business Alliance
• Hospital Consortium
• Lactation Counselor Training
• Oral Health Capacity Building
• Teacher Education Support
• Preschool Quality Enhancement
• Community Investment Loans
• Prenatal Capacity Building