Neighborhoods for Learning link kids, families and communities.

First 5 Ventura County understands that neighborhoods and communities play an essential role in helping parents raise great kids. That’s why we built our organization around the concept of independent, community-based resource hubs or Neighborhoods for Learning (NfLs).

NfLs are parents, schools, early childhood educators, and service providers working together to build a web of support for young children and families—a web designed by and for each community. While First 5 guides the general direction of NfL services, local advisory committees help insure each one is working with local partners and providing what its community needs.

The 11 First 5 NfLs host resources that help families raise children who are emotionally, socially, and academically ready for school. These may include preschools, family resource centers, parent-child classes, access to health services, dental treatment, mental health services, and parent education. Yet a highlight of the NfL experience may be the community that parents and children experience when they come together in a place that’s all about helping parents help their children thrive.

To find the Neighborhood for Learning in your area click on the links below or call the Ventura County 2-1-1 resource and referral line.