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Request for Proposals: Data Analysis and Reporting

The RfP deadline has passed.  Please see below for questions and answers related to this RfP.

RfP Questions and Answers (Updated 8/2/19, 1:45 PM)

Question: For the county and regional reports, do you anticipate these would be the same set of 6 reports, or could this potentially be 24 completely different reports?

Answer: We anticipate that the reports (up to 6 for each county and up to 6 for the Region) would utilize the same template and be populated with specific county and regional information. We do not anticipate having 24 individualized reports.

Question: Will the analysis be done on a data file that has been cleaned and doesn’t require additional cleaning, or should time be allotted to clean the data?

Answer: The Common Data File for each county has been cleaned. There may need to be a small amount of time allotted to cleaning the data from QRIS data systems.

Question: Are each of the 3 counties using a QRIS-specific database?  If so, which one?

Answer: Ventura and San Luis Obispo use iPinwheel; Santa Barbara uses Vertical Change.

Question: Will the successful contractor be able to access the complete QRIS CDF from each of the three counties?

Answer: Yes.

Question:  If we were to need to obtain data from our partner agencies (constituents) beyond that contained in the Common Data Elements file submissions (e.g., demographics, program characteristics), would we need to author Data Sharing Agreements or are those part of already established protocols? If the former, would we need to budget time to get those agreements?

Answer: We anticipate that county partners will have access to the majority of data being analyzed, including data from the Common Data File and local QRIS data systems (ex. iPinwheel, Vertical Change). We anticipate very few, if any, Data Sharing Agreements will need to be authored.

Question: Do you have a preference for using your counties’ Secure File Transfer Protocols (for the secure sharing of protected data) or ours?

Answer: This will vary for each county in Region 7 so the contractor would need to work with each county partner individually to determine their preference after the contract is awarded.

Question: In our prior efforts to obtain administrative data from partner agencies, we have found it effective to have face-to-face meetings. Do you anticipate that we would want to do that?

Answer: Each applicant should determine the most effective strategies for carrying out the scope of work described in this RfP and clearly describe those strategies in their proposal.

Question: Would we have a liaison between us and partner agencies whose data we would use?

Answer: The Hub Coordinator at F5VC will serve as the primary liaison between the contractor and Region 7 Hub partner agencies.

Question: In general, do you have a preference for face-to-face meetings over virtual meetings?

Answer: Given the geographic reach of our Region, Region 7 Hub Partners often conduct meetings virtually, although we value in-person meetings. Each applicant should determine the most effective strategies for carrying out the scope of work described in this RfP and clearly describe those strategies in their proposal.

Question: It is our understanding that WestEd will be continuing to provide technical assistance and support to regions on evaluation planning and analysis. Given this past and ongoing work, is the emphasis for this project more focused on Scope of Work items 2 and 3 (summary of findings and data-based reporting products), or is there still significant data assessment an analysis work to be done?  In short, we are wondering how the budget is expected to be broken down across the three scope areas.

Answer: The data analysis detailed in the RFP Scope of Work #1 includes an analysis of Common Data Files as well as other QRIS data from other sources. This type of data analysis has not been conducted yet on either the local or Regional level.

First 5 Ventura County does not have an expectation of how the budget should be broken down between the 3 items in the Scope of Work (SOW). We look forward to reviewing the applications to see how each proposes to complete the full SOW within the budget parameters.

Question:  On page 2, the RFP states that the “time period for conducting this project is late September 2019 through June 2019.”  Should this be September 2019 through June 2020?

Answer: Yes, you are correct- the time period should be September 2019 through June 2020. This correction has been made in the posted RFP.

Question: Is this project state-funded or federally funded via federal pass-through dollars?

Answer: This project is using funding from First 5 California, which is state-funded dollars.


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