F5VC at a Glance


Our mission is to strengthen families, communities and systems of care for children prenatal to 5 years through investments, expertise, and leadership so all children reach their full potential.


First 5 Ventura County envisions a future where all Ventura County children children are born healthy, thrive in nurturing environments,
and enter school prepared and eager to learn.


Because the first five years impact a lifetime. . .

1. We provideiStock_000043457372Small

We provide early learning, health and family strengthening programs for young children and families through First 5 Neighborhoods for Learning (NfLs), powered by Interface, family resource centers.

2. We fund

We fund a wide range of services, like high-quality preschool, developmental check-ups, health and dental screenings, nutrition counseling, teacher training and more.

3. We teach

We teach families and those around them about the benefits breastfeeding, good oral health, early literacy, healthy weight, exercise and more, via community education campaigns and parent resources.

4. We partner

We partner with businesses and community leaders, local and regional collaboratives, offering information, leadership and resources that help us work together for children, families and communities.

5. We are good government at work

First 5 Ventura County is an independent commission that uses local decision-making to effectively and efficiently support local children and families.